Plantastic!® is a simple but well-designed system for slowly releasing water into your houseplant to keep it green and beautiful for 2 to 4 weeks, or even longer! It consists of three components, a plastic bottle which can be hidden in the plant foliage and which holds the water, a capspike which supports the bottle and allows the water to penetrate the plant's roots and, most importantly, a small replaceable multilayered disk, called a Flo-disk, which filters impurities from the water and controls its slow release into the plant. These features are all covered by U.S. Patent 5,896,700 issued to the inventor.

The unique design of the Flo-disk, developed over three years through more than 3000 laboratory tests, allows Plantastic! to release its water slowly into the plant. This means that the 40 ounces of water in Plantastic! are efficiently used - released neither too rapidly which would flood the plant, nor too slowly which would cause it to prematurely dry out. The Plantastic! watering system has been proven, through dozens of tests in which identical pairs of unattended houseplants have been tested with and without Plantastic!, to yield healthy, happy plants for many weeks.

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Super Value Tri-Pack
Tri-Pack includes 3 large (40oz) Plantastic! watering bottles. Each Plantastic comes with 3 Flo-Disks so you actually get a total of 9 Flo-Disks - all for one low price of $24.95
Plantastic! (40 oz) - Includes Plantastic 40 oz, Cap Spike, Top Dust Cap, 3 Flo-Disks
Plantastic! (40 oz) is IDEAL for watering all of your medium to large houseplants - unattended. Just fill it and forget it for 2-4 weeks or more. Use more than one Plantastic! waterer for really large planters (over 14 inches) or extra thirsty plants

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