is a complete, self-contained, quality product, requiring the owner to simply screw it together, install in the plant, and fill it with tap water. It's dark green color hides it completely in most houseplants. No unsightly extra pots sitting or hanging beside the plant, or discarded plastic coke bottles fished out of your trash, are required. Plantastic! Inc. believes that sophisticated plant lovers and travelers are not willing to accept anything less than a reliable, easy-to-use, cost effective, quality product for protecting their beautiful houseplants. That product is Plantastic!

  • Place on Flo-Disk into threaded base of capspike with dark gasket facing up
  • Do not alter the Flo-Disk in any way.  Leave all layers and parts intact as received.

  • Coloque un disco de flujo en la base con rosco de la tapa estaca con la junta oscura orientada hacia arriba. Enrosque firmemente la botella en la tapa estaca.
  • no alteran la Flo-Disk. dejar intactas todas las partes en que se recibieron
  • Spread foliage and insert capspike with empty botle into soil near plant center

  • Separe el follaje e inserte la tapa estaca con la botella vacia en la tierra cerca del centro de la planta.
  • Fill bottle through top hole with CLEAN room temperature drinking water. Recap bottle and give plant a normal watering

  • Llene la botella a traves del agujera superior con agua potable LIMPIA a temperatura ambiente. Vuelva a cerrar la botella y proporcione la cantidad de agua normal para la planta
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