Special Discount Package

Super Value Tri-Pack
Price: $24.95
Super Value Tri-Pack
Tri-Pack includes 3 large (40oz) Plantastic! watering bottles. Each Plantastic comes with 3 Flo-Disks so you actually get a total of 9 Flo-Disks - all for one low price of $24.95
  Plantastic!® - The ONLY automatic houseplant
                          Waterer that  REALLY WORKS


  • Keeps your unattended houseplants green and vigorous 
  • Waters plants up to 3 WEEKS!
  • Does not clog up from tap water impurities
  • Hides easily in the foliage of most houseplants
  • Ideal for both vacation and regular watering
  • No ugly milk jugs, soft drink bottles, mason jars, etc required
  • Highly reliable, guaranteed to work or your money back!
  •  Allows you to leave your plants in place. No extra work grouping them near tubing or tray systems

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